fireTV stick


Say hello to my little friend.  That friend would be the latest Amazon fireTV stick.  I haven’t tried out the full blown fireTV box yet, so I have little to compare it to its big brother, but essentially they are one in the same except that the stick is lower powered, and lest costly.  Even with the lower power, this little device comes with a good deal of potential for the price.

Stock, out of the box, this quite capable of streaming all your favorite content from the web.  Well I actually shouldn’t say all.  That depends on what it is that you want to stream.  The basics like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime services, Pandora, etc. are pretty much all there, but for sports fans, you’re going to have to put in some extra work.  The available apps are limited to a subset of what you might find in the Google Play store, so you’re not going to get your NHL and NFL from your standard apps.  At least not yet, anyway.  There is a workaround for that though, which I will walk you through in a later guide.

In addition to your streaming music and video apps, you’re also able to install games.  I can’t really say I spend a lot of time with these apps since the controls with the included controller are pretty basic, and the games available wasn’t really super intriguing to me.  There are a few gems in there though for those of us old schoolers who like pinball simulators and Pac Man.  There should also be the ability to run emulators on this stick through something like Kodi or potentially though apps from the store, but I haven’t got around to exploring that yet.  Sometime down the road I may look into that and create a guide if it’s a workable option.  With the limited space on the stick, I can’t imagine there’s much room for a big library, but given the processing power available on the stick and minimal requirements of older games, I would have to think it’s feasible.  Given the ability to add a controller, I would think it to be more than capable.

All in all, this is a pretty good low cost streamer on its own, but it really shines once you get an instance of Kodi up and running on it.  With that, you have access to way more content, though some may question the ethical side of some of the available content on there.  Ethics aside, with Kodi installed, you can legally add great features such as NHL and NFL, additional radio and TV broadcasts, and can even make it boot directly to Kodi and use it as a home theater on a stick.  That ability right there is the one reason I really like this media stick.


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