KeySmart Key Organizer

Recently the folks at KeySmart sent me a complimentary key organizer for review, and my impression is that this is a must have for anyone who doesn’t like their keys rattling around in their pocket.  What comes in the basic kit is the two sides to the housing, some fiber washers, and two sets of connector screws.  With the smaller set of screws, you can get about three keys on it if you include the loop piece for connecting a key ring like shown in the title picture.  With the second set of slightly larger screws, you could easily get 5 keys and the loop piece, assuming you use no washers.

For my configuration, I have the loop for my vehicle key, a key flash drive, and the two keys for my house.  I also used the washers on the sides of the keys that are touching the actual housing, only because I am anal like that, and didn’t want the keys rubbing up against the housing.  This made my jingling key ring a nice and compact tool that fits way more comfortably in my pocket than the bunch of rings and other assorted keys I had attached prior to switching over.  It also made me realize I had four other keys on my key ring that were for old locks that I didn’t even use anymore, so that in itself was a victory.  I do still need some additional room on the KeySmart contraption, so I’ve ordered an expansion pack as well as a quick connect which I’ll review once they come in.

Assembling the whole unit was pretty simple.  Just place on your keys and washers, should you choose to use them, in whatever configuration you want, and then screw together.  Easy peasy.  You’re going to want them tight, but not so tight that you can’t swing out your keys.  I’ve been using this contraption for about a week now and haven’t had any issues with the screws turning or coming loose, so thus far it seems to be pretty good at staying together, but I think once I get it all set up the way I want it, a little thread lock would ensure it doesn’t start coming loose, just as an extra layer of secutity and peace of mind.

There are some additional accessories for this device that may pique your interest, some of which are on my wishlist.  There’s the aforementioned expansion pack and quick disconnect, a golf divot tool for the golfers out there, and a bottle opener that will likely make it’s way onto mine.  If a mini ruler, wrench, or socket tool is to you’re liking, they have those as well.  There’s also a USB drive you can order from their site, though it looks identical to one of the Kensington flash drives I have, so you may find a better price on that elsewhere.  As you can see, the LaCie USB key drive I have also works nicely with this unit.  You can also get colored anodnized aluminum key slugs and colored plates to customize your setup if that’s to your liking.  Also, there are several different types of clips that may strike your fancy.

Overall, this is a pretty handy key holder that really kicks ass if you ask me and it much nicer than having a bunch of loose keys on a ring.  It feels like it’s built to last, and is really sharp looking.  I get compliments on mine every time I have it out from those who haven’t seen it before.  To get yours, visit the KeySmart site.




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