SHIKSHOOK Premium Cocktail Shaker

Summer is almost here, so lets kick things off with the SHIKSHOOK Premium Cocktail Shaker.  SHIKSHOOK was kind enough to send me one of these kits free for review.

Upon opening the package, you’ll find a pair of pourer, and double jigger, a cocktail book with a link to a site with much more cocktails, and of course, the shaker.  This baby’s got a nice finish and the two lids make a nice seal without being too hard to remove.  As you can see below, this will make your cocktails nice and cold as witnessed by the frost that formed on the outside of the shaker post pouring.


In addition to the shaker are the jigger which for measuring your spirits, and the pourer that help make measuring out the contents of your cocktail with. ease, and no mess.

All in all, this is a nice cocktail set that is sure to please.  This will be a welcome addition to anyone’s bar.


If you’re interesred, get one here.


SafeBest Bicycle U-Lock


Recently I received an offer to receive the SafeBest Bicycle U-Lock for review.  Since I just got a new mountain bike and didn’t have a bicycle lock anymore, I jumped on the offer.  What’s included in the package is a pair of keys, the U-Lock, and a rail mount for bringing your lock around with you.  What’s not included, sadly, is the hardware to attach the mount to your bike.  This is a glaring oversight on the manufacturers part.  Thankfully, a quick trip to the hardware store got that mess in order.

My first impression of the lock was that it has a decent build that should be able to prevent, or at least deter a thief from stealing my bike.  The tumbler rotates smoothly and the operation is easy.  The U-Lock feels strong, and would likely need a hacksaw to cut in order for someone to steal the bike.  What I didn’t like was that the U portion of the lock has quite a bit of wiggle, and I prefer something with more of a solid build.  I imagine with the amount of wiggle in the lock, it will cause it to wear more quickly.  Aside from that, this seems like a decent lock that’ll be a good deterrent.

Now back to the bike mount.  Not only does it not come with the hardware to mount the lock holder, but it also doesn’t have any mechanism for securing the lock into place.  As such, I have some concern about it falling out of the mount if you’re on a trail bouncing around.  It does seem to sit in the mount fairly securely though, so this may not be an issue, but really this should be something integrated into a mount since the potential for disaster if the lock fell out and into your gears is there.

All in all, I’d say this is a decent lock for the price if you want something that’ll be a good deterrent from would be thieves.  If you’re looking for something more rugged with a better mounting system, and are willing to shell out a little more cash, there are better options out there.


If interested, you can get one here –


Disclaimer – This item was received free of charge in exchange for an honest review.