Bouchard Belgian Dark Chocolate

Looking for some tasty Belgian chocolate?  Look no further than Bouchard’s. Courtesy of Bouchard, we have the ark chocolate napolitains. They are wafer thin treats that will satisfy your dark chocolate cravings. This is my first foray into Belgian chocolate of the dark flavor, and it only has a hint of that distinct Belgian taste that I’m familiar with, but it still is excellent. It’s firmer than other Belgian’s I have tasted in the past, but that’s on par with other dark’s that I’ve had. The flavor is great and sure to satisfy.




PowerSpa 5-Setting Luxury Hand Shower

Get wet and wild!.. or just get clean with the PowerSpa 5 setting hand shower.  I was sent this item by PowerSpa to give it a test ride and a review.  This shower head arrived just in time to replace an old unit that needed updating.

Included with this set is everything you need to get your new hand shower installed, including some teflon tape.  Installation is a breeze, and the final result is a shower that’s sure to have a setting for your needs.  It ranges from a mist to a strong focused pulse, to a full spray.  The mist was something I had never used on a shower head and it was quite nice, saturating type feel.  Of the five selections, one was kind of trickle that I wasn’t a big an of, but the other four moeds provided a nice range.

The handheld feels good in the hand, and the dial is easy to  click through the different modes.  The connections are sealed tight with no drips, and the unit as a whole is real nice, especially for the price.  At the end of the day, minus the one mode I didn’t like, I found this shower head to be a nice upgrade to the aging sprayer.

CakFun W-King Bluetooth Speaker

Courtesy of the CakFun, today we look at the W-King Bluetooth speaker.  Boasting 6 Watts of power, this speaker delivers.  Connecting to the Bluetooth 4.0 speaker is a breeze with NFC.  Just tap your phone to it to pair, and you’re ready to enjoy your music with a crisp clean sound.  No phone handy?  Just turn on the FM functionality and listen to your favorite radio station.

Overall, the fit and finish of this speaker is great. It claims to be waterproof, though I only tried it out in the shower, but had no issues with it getting splashed.  The base of the speaker has a standard mount for easily attaching to your bike or your helmet when your not Go-Proing.  The casing on the speaker feels like a hard rubber, so it should handle drops decently.  This speaker is my new go to for the outdoors.


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CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e

The folks over at CVLIFE provided me one of their scopes to review, and I have to say that I’m impressed.  With it’s 2.5 – 10x range, and a laser sight to boot, this CVLIFE scope delivers. The optics are clear and the adjustable  green or red illuminated cross hairs are great for lining up your target.

Mounted on my Weaver handle mount, the scope was right at home.  The biggest issue with this scope is the eye relief.  Due to this, you’re going to want to use this on a firearm with low recoil, or you may find this scope smacking you right in the eye.  For the AR, this is perfect, though it would be more at home on a rifle with a shorter stock than my fixed length one I currently have on my rifle.

The laser can be turned on and off easily with the press of a button.  Indoors it works great, but on a bright day, it can be hard to locate at 50 yards.  I found adjusting it to be spot on takes a little patience, but once you get it set, it is fairly accurate and hold it’s place fairly well.

Zeroing in the optics at 50 yards was pretty quick and it held zero for the 100 or so round I tested it out with.  I was only able to use it up to 100 yards for this test run, but the accuracy was great.

For a budget scope, this one delivers.  Not only does this scope come with lens caps, but also everything you need to mount it to your rails, and batteries as well.  Time will tell how well this one holds up, but based on my first impressions, I would definitely consider another one of these as a future purchase.

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AYL SoundFit Plus

Today we’ll look at the SoundFit Plus, courtesy of the good folks at AYL.  This little speaker packs a punch.  With 10 watts of power, it gets pumping pretty loud.  The Bluetooth 4.0 connects quickly and has pretty decent range.  The sound quality  is pretty decent to  boot.  Another great feature of this speaker is the IPX5 rating meaning it can withstand splashes from water.  While not submersible, it works great in the shower assuming you have tightly secured the port cover.  This speaker also comes with a screw port so that you could mount it like a GoPro to your bike or something of your liking.

All in all, it’s a pretty great speaker.  If there’s one minor beef I have with this speaker, it’s that occasionally the sound cuts out for a millisecond.  It happens infrequently, abut enough so that it may deter some from purchasing this speaker.  I couldn’t find any other reviews that made mention of this though, so it may be a defect with the one I  own, or potentially an issue with my phone that I was using to connect to it.  I don’t experience this issue with my Jambox paired to the same phone, however.  That aside, it’s a pretty good speaker with booming sound, and  is very portable