AYL SoundFit Plus

Today we’ll look at the SoundFit Plus, courtesy of the good folks at AYL.  This little speaker packs a punch.  With 10 watts of power, it gets pumping pretty loud.  The Bluetooth 4.0 connects quickly and has pretty decent range.  The sound quality  is pretty decent to  boot.  Another great feature of this speaker is the IPX5 rating meaning it can withstand splashes from water.  While not submersible, it works great in the shower assuming you have tightly secured the port cover.  This speaker also comes with a screw port so that you could mount it like a GoPro to your bike or something of your liking.

All in all, it’s a pretty great speaker.  If there’s one minor beef I have with this speaker, it’s that occasionally the sound cuts out for a millisecond.  It happens infrequently, abut enough so that it may deter some from purchasing this speaker.  I couldn’t find any other reviews that made mention of this though, so it may be a defect with the one I  own, or potentially an issue with my phone that I was using to connect to it.  I don’t experience this issue with my Jambox paired to the same phone, however.  That aside, it’s a pretty good speaker with booming sound, and  is very portable




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