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AYL TC80 4-In-1 CREE LED Flashlight

Here we have the AYL TC80 flashlight for review, courtesy of the good folks at AYL.  This model includes an adjustable beam accomplished by sliding the head of the unit to  go from a wide spread to farther shooting pinpoint.  Also included is a dual purpose set of LED’s in the handle.  To access this, you slide the handle open.


The first mode will give you a nice work area spread of light.  This works great with the magnetic base as you can secure it to  something metal with the light pointing to the area you need illuminated, and you’ll light up your work area hands-free.  For illustration purposed, I pointed the light down to get the photo as it can be rather blinding.


The next mode is a flashing distress beacon.  This will  flash a set of red LED’s on and off to alert passerby’s that you’re in need of help, or could serve as a warning to other drivers if you’re parked on the side of the road in a poorly lit area.


Overall, the build on this flashlight is very nice.  It’s crafted of aluminum, coated in black, and feels nice in the hand.  Changing modes is as simple as lightly depressing the power button. The biggest quirk with this one is that when you power it off, it tends to power on in a different mode than the last used mode.  This is really the only thing I dislike about the flashlight.

This unit is powered by four AAA batteries.  The batteries go  into the handle, and  do not have a sleeve that holds the batteries in like the previously reviewed AYL flashlight.  This is a major improvement in that when you shake the flashlight, or when bouncing during a stroll, it doesn’t cycle through the different modes.

Overall, this is a great flashlight that feels durable, and is very practical, and I would definitely recommend it.


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AYL TF89 CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight

Here we have the AYL TF89 900 Lumens CREE XML T6 LED Tactical Torch Flashlight that I received for review purposes.  So far, the only thing that bothers me about this flashlight is the length of the name, and the fact that it’s advertised as having a magnetic base to attach to metal surfaces which it does not.  Once you get past that, this little flashlight is sure to please.

The first thing you’ll notice is the quality build.  It’s a nice looking and sturdy aluminum frame that is water resistant, and feels nice in the hand.  Much like most flashlights, the batteries are inserted into the base after unscrewing the cap.  The difference here is that you can use either three AAA batteries with the included battery clip, or an 18650 battery.

With the batteries inserted and the cap screwed back on, it’s time to test out the 900 advertised lumens.  One thing is for certain – this thing is bright!  Should you get your hands on one of these, do yourself a favor and don’t shine it into your eyes.  I wasn’t planning on doing just that, but I made the mistake of handing it over to my 3 year old and sure enough she caught me off-guard.

The zoom on the light is accomplished by extending the end out by sliding it.  It has a nice sliding feel to it that’s firm enough to keep it in place where you stop, but not so firm that it’s difficult to adjust the zoom.  At its furthest position, it will shoot a focused light quite some distance.  I’m sure I annoyed the neighbors testing this out in the front yard to see how far it would go.  I was able to shine it on the side of my neighbors house a few houses down, so the distance on this light is pretty far.

This flashlight comes packed with several modes that are cycled by lightly pressing the power button down.  Sometimes this is a little finicky, but overall not too hard to get used to.  The first two presses will step down the brightness a little which is nice if you just need a little light.  Even at the lowest setting, this light is still much brighter than my old MAG light.  Next you have the strobe effect which I’m sure I won’t get much use out of unless I want to have an impromptu dance party, which I don’t see happening any time soon.  The last mode is an SOS strobe which would definitely come in handy if you found yourself outdoors and in trouble.  Given how bright this thing is, I’m sure one could see your distress signal from the sky.

The final features of this flashlight are the glowing ring around the light lens, and the wrist strap.  There’s not much to say about the latter other than that it’s handy.  As for the glowing ring, it’ll potentially help you find the flashlight in the dark should you happen to drop it when it’s off.

Overall, this is a nicely built, compact little flashlight that would be perfect to store in your vehicle for emergencies, bring with you camping, or even just general use.  It’s super bright, and even has a strobe feature for those nights you want to start up a party.  Being water resistant, it’ll come in handy both indoors and out.  All in all, this is a pretty nice flashlight that beats the pants off my old beloved MAG light from the 2000’s when it comes to brightness and distance of the light throw.