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PowerSpa 5-Setting Luxury Hand Shower

Get wet and wild!.. or just get clean with the PowerSpa 5 setting hand shower.  I was sent this item by PowerSpa to give it a test ride and a review.  This shower head arrived just in time to replace an old unit that needed updating.

Included with this set is everything you need to get your new hand shower installed, including some teflon tape.  Installation is a breeze, and the final result is a shower that’s sure to have a setting for your needs.  It ranges from a mist to a strong focused pulse, to a full spray.  The mist was something I had never used on a shower head and it was quite nice, saturating type feel.  Of the five selections, one was kind of trickle that I wasn’t a big an of, but the other four moeds provided a nice range.

The handheld feels good in the hand, and the dial is easy to  click through the different modes.  The connections are sealed tight with no drips, and the unit as a whole is real nice, especially for the price.  At the end of the day, minus the one mode I didn’t like, I found this shower head to be a nice upgrade to the aging sprayer.


RY Gardener Hose Nozzle

Today we’re going off the beaten path and will be reviewing a garden hose nozzle provided by RY Gardener.  This hose nozzle comes with two quick disconnect adapters so you can easily use it with two different hoses, or you can just hang on to one as a spare.  The quick disconnect operates smoothly and has a nice tight seal that doesn’t leak.

The housing of this hose nozzle looks to  be durably built and is made of metal covered with a nice and grippy soft touch material.  Operation is smooth and feels nice in the hand.  The spray will adjust from a fine and powerful stream to a wide fan.  You can also flip the lever at the top to allow for a continuous spray without having to squeeze the valve open.

Overall, this garden hose nozzle feels great and operates nicely, and with its quick disconnect, you can easily pop it on and off.

Get one today –

ThorKey Compact Key Holder

Here we’ll have a look at a key organizer that was given to me from the good folks over at Viking Gear.  It’s basically the same type of key holder as the previously reviewed KeySmart hey holder, but with a slightly different post design, and it includes a bottle opener.

The difference with the posts is that they are considerably longer than those of the KeySmart.  What this means is that if you want to hold less than five keys, then you are going to have to supply more washers than what comes in the package to fill the space.  What this also means is that you then aren’t left with an ultra compact key holder as it has to be as wide as the posts are long.  It’s a design limitation, but one to keep in mind if you’re shopping for a device of this type.  If you’re looking to  hold between 5 and 10 keys then this one will fit the bill.

20160831_112843That design flaw aside, this is a pretty well built key holder.  There’s a rubber washer on the screws that, if assembled properly, will keep the unit together in one piece without the screws loosening.  The bottle opener works well enough, and also has a loop for your key ring should you want to attach your car keys.  My biggest beef with the bottle opener is that  it’s plated and undoubtedly will flake over time.

That minor quibble aside, the ThorKey compact key holder is a nice key holder that will keep your keys from jingling, and tightly packed in your pocket.




Spritz’n Wipe

Today we get a little personal with a look at the Spritz’n Wipe toilet paper moisturizer.  There’s a good chance your local sewage system is having something of a clogged  artery due to the flushing of wipes down the toilet.  This product aims to reduce that congestion by providing an alternative that will ease your mind with a more environmentally friendlier solution to flushing moist wipes down the drain.

What we have here is a motion activated device that gives you a little spritz of refreshing moisture to wipe your behind.  You place a bit of tissue underneath the spout and it’ll give you just enough moisture to wet a small area of the toilet paper, but not so much that you are handling a soggy mess.  The wipe comes out cool and refreshing.

I found that this works best for the finishing touch, using just the dry paper for the initial wiping.  That way you’re getting a nice clean and refreshing finish, but aren’t using up a ton of the solution for each session.  Utilizing it in this fashion has gotten a lot of mileage from the one bottle of spritz.

Overall, I do really like this product.  If there’s one caveat about this product, it’s that you need to be careful about how you go about using the spritz.  In the directions picture, it shows using a wad of paper to collect your spritz.  That works just fine, especially if you use the recommended 5 sheets of paper.  If you gather up your paper in a folding fashion such as myself, you’re more likely to find yourself in that uncomfortable situation where the finger breaks through the paper.  In that scenario, I found three sheets doubled over provides excellent protection from that unpleasant experience.  I’m sure your experience will also be affected by the consistency of your paper, so you may need to experiment a little before going at it with the paper you have on hand.

So with that said, if you’re looking for a wet wipe to get that little extra bit of clean on your behind, and want to be free of the guilt of flushing your standard wet wipe down the latrine, look no further than Spritz’n Wipe.



I received this product in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


SHIKSHOOK Premium Cocktail Shaker

Summer is almost here, so lets kick things off with the SHIKSHOOK Premium Cocktail Shaker.  SHIKSHOOK was kind enough to send me one of these kits free for review.

Upon opening the package, you’ll find a pair of pourer, and double jigger, a cocktail book with a link to a site with much more cocktails, and of course, the shaker.  This baby’s got a nice finish and the two lids make a nice seal without being too hard to remove.  As you can see below, this will make your cocktails nice and cold as witnessed by the frost that formed on the outside of the shaker post pouring.


In addition to the shaker are the jigger which for measuring your spirits, and the pourer that help make measuring out the contents of your cocktail with. ease, and no mess.

All in all, this is a nice cocktail set that is sure to please.  This will be a welcome addition to anyone’s bar.


If you’re interesred, get one here.

AYL TF89 CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight

Here we have the AYL TF89 900 Lumens CREE XML T6 LED Tactical Torch Flashlight that I received for review purposes.  So far, the only thing that bothers me about this flashlight is the length of the name, and the fact that it’s advertised as having a magnetic base to attach to metal surfaces which it does not.  Once you get past that, this little flashlight is sure to please.

The first thing you’ll notice is the quality build.  It’s a nice looking and sturdy aluminum frame that is water resistant, and feels nice in the hand.  Much like most flashlights, the batteries are inserted into the base after unscrewing the cap.  The difference here is that you can use either three AAA batteries with the included battery clip, or an 18650 battery.

With the batteries inserted and the cap screwed back on, it’s time to test out the 900 advertised lumens.  One thing is for certain – this thing is bright!  Should you get your hands on one of these, do yourself a favor and don’t shine it into your eyes.  I wasn’t planning on doing just that, but I made the mistake of handing it over to my 3 year old and sure enough she caught me off-guard.

The zoom on the light is accomplished by extending the end out by sliding it.  It has a nice sliding feel to it that’s firm enough to keep it in place where you stop, but not so firm that it’s difficult to adjust the zoom.  At its furthest position, it will shoot a focused light quite some distance.  I’m sure I annoyed the neighbors testing this out in the front yard to see how far it would go.  I was able to shine it on the side of my neighbors house a few houses down, so the distance on this light is pretty far.

This flashlight comes packed with several modes that are cycled by lightly pressing the power button down.  Sometimes this is a little finicky, but overall not too hard to get used to.  The first two presses will step down the brightness a little which is nice if you just need a little light.  Even at the lowest setting, this light is still much brighter than my old MAG light.  Next you have the strobe effect which I’m sure I won’t get much use out of unless I want to have an impromptu dance party, which I don’t see happening any time soon.  The last mode is an SOS strobe which would definitely come in handy if you found yourself outdoors and in trouble.  Given how bright this thing is, I’m sure one could see your distress signal from the sky.

The final features of this flashlight are the glowing ring around the light lens, and the wrist strap.  There’s not much to say about the latter other than that it’s handy.  As for the glowing ring, it’ll potentially help you find the flashlight in the dark should you happen to drop it when it’s off.

Overall, this is a nicely built, compact little flashlight that would be perfect to store in your vehicle for emergencies, bring with you camping, or even just general use.  It’s super bright, and even has a strobe feature for those nights you want to start up a party.  Being water resistant, it’ll come in handy both indoors and out.  All in all, this is a pretty nice flashlight that beats the pants off my old beloved MAG light from the 2000’s when it comes to brightness and distance of the light throw.


KeySmart Key Organizer

Recently the folks at KeySmart sent me a complimentary key organizer for review, and my impression is that this is a must have for anyone who doesn’t like their keys rattling around in their pocket.  What comes in the basic kit is the two sides to the housing, some fiber washers, and two sets of connector screws.  With the smaller set of screws, you can get about three keys on it if you include the loop piece for connecting a key ring like shown in the title picture.  With the second set of slightly larger screws, you could easily get 5 keys and the loop piece, assuming you use no washers.

For my configuration, I have the loop for my vehicle key, a key flash drive, and the two keys for my house.  I also used the washers on the sides of the keys that are touching the actual housing, only because I am anal like that, and didn’t want the keys rubbing up against the housing.  This made my jingling key ring a nice and compact tool that fits way more comfortably in my pocket than the bunch of rings and other assorted keys I had attached prior to switching over.  It also made me realize I had four other keys on my key ring that were for old locks that I didn’t even use anymore, so that in itself was a victory.  I do still need some additional room on the KeySmart contraption, so I’ve ordered an expansion pack as well as a quick connect which I’ll review once they come in.

Assembling the whole unit was pretty simple.  Just place on your keys and washers, should you choose to use them, in whatever configuration you want, and then screw together.  Easy peasy.  You’re going to want them tight, but not so tight that you can’t swing out your keys.  I’ve been using this contraption for about a week now and haven’t had any issues with the screws turning or coming loose, so thus far it seems to be pretty good at staying together, but I think once I get it all set up the way I want it, a little thread lock would ensure it doesn’t start coming loose, just as an extra layer of secutity and peace of mind.

There are some additional accessories for this device that may pique your interest, some of which are on my wishlist.  There’s the aforementioned expansion pack and quick disconnect, a golf divot tool for the golfers out there, and a bottle opener that will likely make it’s way onto mine.  If a mini ruler, wrench, or socket tool is to you’re liking, they have those as well.  There’s also a USB drive you can order from their site, though it looks identical to one of the Kensington flash drives I have, so you may find a better price on that elsewhere.  As you can see, the LaCie USB key drive I have also works nicely with this unit.  You can also get colored anodnized aluminum key slugs and colored plates to customize your setup if that’s to your liking.  Also, there are several different types of clips that may strike your fancy.

Overall, this is a pretty handy key holder that really kicks ass if you ask me and it much nicer than having a bunch of loose keys on a ring.  It feels like it’s built to last, and is really sharp looking.  I get compliments on mine every time I have it out from those who haven’t seen it before.  To get yours, visit the KeySmart site.