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ThorKey Compact Key Holder

Here we’ll have a look at a key organizer that was given to me from the good folks over at Viking Gear.  It’s basically the same type of key holder as the previously reviewed KeySmart hey holder, but with a slightly different post design, and it includes a bottle opener.

The difference with the posts is that they are considerably longer than those of the KeySmart.  What this means is that if you want to hold less than five keys, then you are going to have to supply more washers than what comes in the package to fill the space.  What this also means is that you then aren’t left with an ultra compact key holder as it has to be as wide as the posts are long.  It’s a design limitation, but one to keep in mind if you’re shopping for a device of this type.  If you’re looking to  hold between 5 and 10 keys then this one will fit the bill.

20160831_112843That design flaw aside, this is a pretty well built key holder.  There’s a rubber washer on the screws that, if assembled properly, will keep the unit together in one piece without the screws loosening.  The bottle opener works well enough, and also has a loop for your key ring should you want to attach your car keys.  My biggest beef with the bottle opener is that  it’s plated and undoubtedly will flake over time.

That minor quibble aside, the ThorKey compact key holder is a nice key holder that will keep your keys from jingling, and tightly packed in your pocket.