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PowerSpa 5-Setting Luxury Hand Shower

Get wet and wild!.. or just get clean with the PowerSpa 5 setting hand shower.  I was sent this item by PowerSpa to give it a test ride and a review.  This shower head arrived just in time to replace an old unit that needed updating.

Included with this set is everything you need to get your new hand shower installed, including some teflon tape.  Installation is a breeze, and the final result is a shower that’s sure to have a setting for your needs.  It ranges from a mist to a strong focused pulse, to a full spray.  The mist was something I had never used on a shower head and it was quite nice, saturating type feel.  Of the five selections, one was kind of trickle that I wasn’t a big an of, but the other four moeds provided a nice range.

The handheld feels good in the hand, and the dial is easy to  click through the different modes.  The connections are sealed tight with no drips, and the unit as a whole is real nice, especially for the price.  At the end of the day, minus the one mode I didn’t like, I found this shower head to be a nice upgrade to the aging sprayer.