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CakFun W-King Bluetooth Speaker

Courtesy of the CakFun, today we look at the W-King Bluetooth speaker.  Boasting 6 Watts of power, this speaker delivers.  Connecting to the Bluetooth 4.0 speaker is a breeze with NFC.  Just tap your phone to it to pair, and you’re ready to enjoy your music with a crisp clean sound.  No phone handy?  Just turn on the FM functionality and listen to your favorite radio station.

Overall, the fit and finish of this speaker is great. It claims to be waterproof, though I only tried it out in the shower, but had no issues with it getting splashed.  The base of the speaker has a standard mount for easily attaching to your bike or your helmet when your not Go-Proing.  The casing on the speaker feels like a hard rubber, so it should handle drops decently.  This speaker is my new go to for the outdoors.


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