Sonarr Setup

Here we’ll walk through setting up my current favorite PVR for TV shows.  Up until recently, I had been using SickBeard, which is a great PVR as well, but I feel like Sonarr does a better job and has some nice extras to boot.  With that said, lets dive in.

To get started, you’ll nee to download and install Sonarr.  It has a pretty simple and straightforward install.  Just run and accept the defaults and you’ll be on your way to watching your favorite series.

Link to  Sonarr

Now that Sonarr is installed, lets get it configured.  This guide will assume you’re are using NZBGet as your downloader.   At some point, I’ll return to add instructions for SABnzbd should you use that as your downloader of choice.  First you’ll need to launch Sonarr from your program list.  This will open up Sonarr in your web browser.  You’ll be presented with the screen below.


Start by clicking on settings, then On the Media Management tab, change Advanced Settings to Shown, then change Rename Episodes to Yes.  Then change  the Season Folder Format setting to “Season {season:00}”.  Then scroll down to the bottom and change Create empty series folders and Ignore Deleted Episodes to Yes.  Scroll back to the top and click the Save button.



Now you’ll want to set up your indexers by clicking the Indexers tab.  First you’ll want to set the retention to whatever retention days your Usenet server uses.  You should be able to get that information from your Usenet account. Next click the big plus sign to start adding indexers.  Wombles is a free indexer that will find new releases, but only new releases.  Add that one and click Save.  Next you’ll want to add your other indexers, preferably private ones if you can get in to them.  If you search the internet for private usenet indexers, you can likely find some to join.  Some are free and others are paid and/or invite only.  A decent free one to get you started is  Sign up there and then go to your account settings and grab your API key.  Next, we’ll add this by clicking the plus sign again, then click Presets on the Newznab button, and then copy your API key into the field and click save.  It will inform you whether or not it was successful.  Now add any additional indexers by clicking plus, then Custom on the Newznab button.  Once you’re done adding your indexers, click the Save button in the upper right hand corner.


Next you’ll click on the Download Client tab to set up your downloader.  In this instance, well be using NZBGet.  First set the Drone Factory folder path.  This is the folder to which your NZBGet or SABnzbd puts yuor copmleted files.  Change your Drone Factory interval to something less frequent if you prefer.  This is just the interval in minutes which it checks the folder for new files.  Click the big plus sign under Download Clients and then click NZBGet.


Enter a name for the instance – NZBGet will work fine, then input your NZBGet server’s IP address if you statically set it while setting up NZBGet, otherwise leave it as localhost.  Input your username and password for the NZBGet install.  The default login is nzbget and the password is tegbzn6789.  For the category, this needs to match what you have set up in NZBGet for your TV downloads, and it is also case sensitive.  In this case, since I had changed my NZBGet category from Series to TV.  Therefore I had to change the default of tv to the uppercase TV.  Click Save, and if it’s able to successfully connect it will close the configuration window.


Now you’re ready to add some shows!  Click on the Series button near the top left and then click the Add Series button.  Type in the name of the show that you are looking for and press enter.  It should come up with a list of shows containing the words you entered.  You can then add the show by clicking the green plus sign button.  Before you do that though, you’ll want to set a few options.  First, choose a path.  Since this is a new setup, you’ll need to tell it where you want the files to go.  In my case I set it to C:\Users\Brad\Videos\TV, but you can set to wherever you prefer.  On the Monitor setting, choose whether you want it to look for future episodes, all, etc.  For profile, if you leave it as default, it will search for the best available which is my preference.  If a better version becomes available, it will attempt to download it.  For standard shows, you can leave the Series type alone.













Now that you’ve got your shows set up on your PVR, lets move on to setting up movies with CouchPotato, or head on over to the Media Player setup.


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